Laugh with me B

I've been waiting on the video for this track for a minute! And of course, Miguel did not disappoint. Understated coolness with a touch of hipster, enveloped in smooth bass notes and a catchy hook equates to good classic music. Thanks Miguel!

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Are Those Prada?

No, they're from Zara

Once again, the fashion retailer that everyone loves to hate, but also hates to love, is back at it, picking on this seasons bold patterns (note that I'm talking menswear, not womenswear), the Spanish fashion giant gives us crisp linen and cottons, highlighted with subtle but very-there florals. Styled easily with white dress shirts or a solid basic tee, or in this pattern-on-pattern look on the left. Thank you Zara, for continuing to pioneer menswear the way you do!

Buy them here.

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Yesterday was one of my favourite days in the whole year. The day I have an excuse to make my woman feel like a queen, to spoil her and love her and kiss her and hold her and shop for her and decorate and do all sorts of crazy things for her to celebrate the day that she came into this world. A day to reflect back on the years past, and the accomplishments and challenges, and to look to the future and plan, dream and wonder what's to come next. By the way, I definitely don't just wait for June 10th to do all of the above for my wife-to-be, but it's just fun to do it in an exaggerated way. Happy Birthday gorgeous, I love you more and more every year.

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Surprise Frühstück

You know that B and I have always, always, been a fan of breakfast, brunch, or any variation of toast, eggs, potatoes and fried meat. So it only made sense to scoop her away from the office right in the morning and visit our favourite hotel in Calgary for a luxury breakfast fit for a queen, or a princess in her case. Exceptional service and good food - thank you Rimrock for helping to start my baby's birthday in the best way possible.

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A short, vague and ambiguous little post, showcased in the style of current favourite social media site. Those who know me, know, and those who don't, wont. Does that even make sense?

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