Zara Man November 2014

Thank you Zara for once again showing the world that beautiful fall menswear is both affordable and attainable. I say this every season; but if I could have a choice of only fall wardrobe, it would be Zara's. The pieces are versatile, mixable, but also sharp, well-cut and incredibly fashion forward.

Check out the entire lookbook here!

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Happy Birthday Mama!

Today's the day I celebrate the birth of the human being physically responsible for bringing me into this world. I always make it a point to ensure that birthdays are celebrated and the birthday person feels special and loved. It seems the older you get, the less people tend to celebrate (and I guess people have always said this) but I refuse to let this happen with me and my family, I will always be the birthday champion.

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Merry Christmas Charlie Brown!

To be honest, I've always related with Charlie Brown; my last name is Charles, and I am in fact brown .. but truth be told, when I first moved to Canada with my family, Charlie Brown's Christmas Specials were a large part of my North-American-Christmas socialization. So when I realized that these iconic trees were available for purchase, I jumped on it! But you know, I bring my own decor to the table - nothing but Gucci ornaments of course. I also got one for me B, so these are perched on our bedside table, and will remain a permanent tradition.

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Style de Voyage

Paris, France / November 2013

Last year at this time, I was strolling through Paris enjoying the gorgeous view of this beautiful historic city. Today all I'm doing is reminiscing and planning my next adventure in the French capital. Although its not my favorite city per se, Paris has such a magical charm on me - the epicenter of so much art, culture, fashion and inspiration. I can't wait to be back.

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Broke With Expensive Taste

After literally years of waiting, Miss Azealia Banks (not to be confused with Iggy Azalea) has finally released her debut album. Her mixtapes so far have been pretty proper - heavy beats, heavier raps. Earlier this year, she left Universal Music Group, and became mysteriously quiet on Instagram. To be honest, so-called fans were getting pretty rude - under any post of hers, there would be a ton of comments: "give us an album" / "where's the album". Here ya go haters / lovers / fans / mermaids! Azealia shocked everyone with this album drop yesterday. And you'll be happy to know that classics (and my favorites) 212, Luxury and Yung Rapunxel are on the track list, but I have to say Banks brings the fire with very varied genres of music, not just rap - there's vocal chill nu disco, house-y beats, and just all around good vibes man. I dunno guys, Nicki Minaj better look out - this young thing from New York is about to make some waves. Support good talent fam! Cop your copy on iTunes now, and give it a list on Spotify here.

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