Not Coming Back The Same

The photo above was taken in Prague in December of 2014. Walking through the chilly streets of Old Town Square, through the Jewish District, and along the Vlata River, I even then had no idea that less then a year later, it would become the backdrop for the greatest moments in the lives of me and my beautiful bebe. It's 11:00 pm the night before our 6:00 am flight tomorrow, and in reflecting back on the last ten months, the last five years, the last twenty seven years of my life, I can say for certain that literally, figuratively, emotionally, spiritually and legally, I will not be coming back home the same. It's the end of a huge, eventful and emotional chapter of my life - finishing a degree, buying a house, starting a corporate job, none of them marked such a genesis as getting married to an amazing, engaging, patient person who loves me more then I love myself. Signing off now, before I get too much into the feels over here. See you soon, readers. And see you never, old me.

Die For You

Without realizing it, this song became the backdrop of all our wedding preparations and celebrations (thank you Miss Anjj for introducing us to it!) and literally it plays on repeat every night in our home. Thank you Beyonce for this beautiful music.

1 Month To Go!

Although I can absolutely believe it, at the same time, I can't - in exactly one month / 30 days from today, my whole identity will be changing. And in keeping with the countdown theme, I had to bestow my wife-to-be with some travel essentials for the most important trip of our lives.

Maybe in November?

eat cake / organize my shoes / clean out the garage / read a book for purely fun purposes / go through photo files / go on a long road trip / meet old friends for coffee / take an evening nap / watch a whole season on netflix in one sitting / go for dim sum / eat buckets of my mom's home-made pakistani food / plan a vacation / detail the inside of my car / bake something with red velvet in it / sleep-in on the weekend / take a yoga weekend retreat / shop for fun..

All of these things I can maybe considering doing in November. But for now, it's full go mode in every spare moment to wrap up two very important projects and then whisk away across the world to seal the deal with my soulmate. Stay tuned!

Summers Gone Too Soon...

Full Outfit on!

The summer's gone too soon / The winters coming now
And lives are falling and / I'm just brawling / You had me going out of my head