Maybe in November?

eat cake / organize my shoes / clean out the garage / read a book for purely fun purposes / go through photo files / go on a long road trip / meet old friends for coffee / take an evening nap / watch a whole season on netflix in one sitting / go for dim sum / eat buckets of my mom's home-made pakistani food / plan a vacation / detail the inside of my car / bake something with red velvet in it / sleep-in on the weekend / take a yoga weekend retreat / shop for fun..

All of these things I can maybe considering doing in November. But for now, it's full go mode in every spare moment to wrap up two very important projects and then whisk away across the world to seal the deal with my soulmate. Stay tuned!

Summers Gone Too Soon...

Full Outfit on!

The summer's gone too soon / The winters coming now
And lives are falling and / I'm just brawling / You had me going out of my head

Only 60 Days To Go

Today marks the day - exactly two months until our #KCFairyTale. To celebrate, I decided to project a little bit further then the "Big Day" to the honeymoon immediately after, and got her a bunch of goodies and treats to enjoy while we lounge our days away in the Mediterranean. I don't know what I am more excited for: going away, getting married, honeymooning, or getting to spend ALL that time with my #BAE!?

Whoop, There It Is

Full Outfit on!

It's actually already August now. Although this sounds like a reoccurring theme, I have been so busy with what seems like a thousand different and competing projects. Professional, personal, pro-bono, internal and external - it's hard to imagine that we are coming up to Fall so soon. Where did you go #2015?

Nothing In Common!

Full outfit on!

I had a thought today: I am many things (as most people are). I identify and label myself with almost a hundred things: a yogi, a blogger, a student, a professional, a city-dweller, an urbanite, a photographer, a son, a write, a stylist, a younger brother, a foodie, an instragammer, a traveller, an event planner, a good friend, an older brother, a thinker, an academic, a book worm, a web designer/developer, a listener, a hip hop head, a clubber, an intern, an assistant, a CEO, an entrepreneur, a boyfriend, an acquaintance, a pop culture maniac, a netflix-er, etc. But why does it feel like I have nothing in common with anyone these days? Or is it that others have nothing in common with me? Even more strange, why am I content with that feeling?