Je vais bien, merci!

Touched down in Paris yesterday, and all the memories of our glorious time last year is flying back to me (so to speak). They say that everyone should experience a beautiful morning, a rainy afternoon and a late crisp night in Paris - and I am blessed to have done all that, time and again!

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Těší mě!

Enjoying life in one of our absolute favorite cities in Europe! I can't get enough of the delicious (carnivorous) food, the overly hospitable citizens, the winding roads and the historic buildings - everything is so romantic and fairytale-like and just breathtaking here.

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Are You An #Endoxist?

Calgary 2007 - Toronto 2010 - Berlin 2014

When introducing my social media handles to most folks, I often get asked, so what exactly is an #Endoxist? The word Endoxa (Greek: ἔνδοξα) derives from the word doxa (δόξα, meaning "beliefs", "opinions"). Notice that beliefs are lumped in with opinions, because let us all remember that values and beliefs are deep opinions that people hold of how things should be, shouldn't be, what should be said or done, etc. The concept behind the Endoxist is to challenge the social norms and ideologies that shape and mold our lives, and for my version of the Endoxist, I do this through my personal style. "Men don't carry clutches" would be your Endoxa, but as a true Endoxist, I create my own truth, my own beliefs and my own opinions and just do me. So tell me reader, are you an Endoxist? Will you join me on my journey of Endoxism to create my own life, as I see fit, and in the process, be inspired to drive your own destiny?

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Bon Voyage!

The Croisstantaire, October 2013

By the time this is posted, I will (hopefully!) be visiting this quaint little Croisstantaire again in central Amsterdam, after having shopped hard and fast. I love travelling to Europe and basking in the food, the shops, the people, the architecture and the atmosphere, but this particular voyage will have many layers of significance and allure to me (and to my beautiful fiancée), so I am exceptionally excited. Check consistently on here for many posts, and if you haven't already, follow me on Instagram for the most current updates!

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(Not So Ugly) Christmas Sweater

3.1 PHILLIP LIM Metallic Pullover

I've been seeing this awesome sweater on some celebrities and on many fashion blogs, and it seems like the ultimate not-ugly but still ugly Christmas sweater for all the holiday parties coming up. Bright, metallic and not really form fitting - it fits all the criteria while still being chic and uber fashionable.

Buy yours by clicking here!

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