Paris Dreaming

I took this photograph of the Galeries Lafayette in Paris' Opera District back in 2009, my first time in France. I remember marvelling at the beauty of both the architecture, but also of the amount of pure 100% fashion that oozes from this grant atrium in the heart of the fashion world. I think another trek over the pond is due very soon.

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Ladies Take Note

This very real, very scary pandemic is sweeping the nation as we speak, and if you think you display any of the symptoms in the above clip, it is your responsibility to get yourself tested, so that at the very least, you can help stop the spread of this horrible disease. Stop the basic bitchness.

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"ein bescheidener Vorschlag"

Last weekend, I had the privilege of asking my beautiful girlfriend to spend eternity with me. It was truly one of the most magical nights in my life thus far, and I am so honoured that I shared that moment with our family and closest friends. I do not intend on divulging too many details surrounding the event because I respect the sacredness of this occasion. However, the love, support, respect, excitement and help of all those around me are the only things that allowed this spectacular moment to take place. I am eternally humbled and yet immensely excited, and absolutely can not wait to share many more beautiful memories with you all. You all know who you are, and you all mean the world to me. Make sure to click "READ MORE" below to experience a photographic sampling of the beautiful evening.

Spring Weekend

It has been a minute since I've had the pleasure of enjoying a 'normal', routine weekend, filled with food, rest, relaxation, shopping and wonderful company, and thus I am in a generally happy state of being. On Friday evening, we went to the Opera for an absolutely beautiful rendition of Madame Butterfly, on Saturday we meet our very dear friends for a brunch at a gorgeous Belgium pâtisserie, followed by quality time with my family, a spot of shopping (for coats and jewels), and an early night in. Tomorrow, I am expecting a brunch-in-bed morning followed by a birthday dinner at one of our favourite new spots in downtown. Gotta love April and its blissfully glorious weekends!

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Those Details Though

silver lace-sequin applique / three dozen white roses / 24 ct. white and yellow gold /
christian louboutin / ein bescheidener vorschlag / glitter & fur / royalty


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