Art x Fashion

Oh how splendid last weekend was. Shopping and brunch and photoshoots and thrifting and listening to amazing music and BBQs and long conversations and sangria and driving and cleaning and napping and chilling and loving and living. What is it about the summer that makes it so amazing? The weather, people's mood, the abundance of Vitamin D? Whatever it is, we aren't complaining, and only looking forward to more unforgettable weekends. Also, how many beautiful things can you spot in the photo above?

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The Nova by United Nude x Zaha Hadid, available on, $1,999.95

Step aside Mr. Louboutin, make way Zanotti, there's a new shoe in town, and she ain't playing. This architectural masterpiece is a true nod to the Fashion meets Art culture. I really wonder how well you can walk or function in them, but does that even matter? With these on, you will catch the attention of anyone and everyone, and feel damn good about it too. It takes a bold person to cop these, and a bolder person to rock these.

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Men in Skirts

The Striped Apron Belt / Front Kilt by Lad Musician, available on, $150

Now you guys know I've been talking about this for a minute! More and more designers are finding very creative ways to incorporate the look of skirts in their full outfits, and this Apron Belt (as its called) is a perfect example of that. Worn with or without the matching pants, this "belt" is a safe way to meander into this androgynous trend. Very Rad Hourani, don't you think? Would you dare rock this belt?

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Elie Saab Couture 2014


Can we please talk about this? Lebanese born Mr. Saab just does not stop; here we have another breath-taking collection of intricately sequined gowns worn with the most luxurious of furs, neutral make-up and pulled back hair to showcase the fur, and those walks! These woman are absolutely snatched, and for good reason. In terms of a gorgeous dress, it used to be Oscar de la Renta, or perhaps a Valentino that would take the cake. But every single season, Elie is showing us again and again that he is the reigning king of that couture gown.

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