Instagram Inspiration: Menswear Trends of 2017


We've all been there. You're scrolling through Instagram, seeing perfectly cropped concrete-background images of menswear gods from around the world, showing us regular folks how they are inspired from the runways, from each other, and from the world around them, to put together their outfits. And sometimes, this scroll can be overwhelming? How did they know how to style that piece? Where did they get it? And more importantly, how do they stay in such great shape to keep on rocking these looks? Well, I won't (and can't) possibly answer all these questions, but what I can do is breakdown my top picks for the biggest menswear trends of this year, as seen on my Instagram feed.

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caramel coloured suede perfecto

there seems to be a real resurgence of the 1970s fashion (more on this below), but in particular, I have been seeing more and more chocolate suede perfecto style coats. Practicality in hot, sticky and sweaty summer climates? Not so much. But the style factor is just too good. These pair easily with a casual look, but also pump up a more dressed up fit.

Track pants have always been a kind of safe go-to in the world of men's fashion - thrown on with a blazer they look super fashion week ready, complete with the "i-really-dont-care" attitude. But lately, the tightness of them mixed with the variations (including recent drops from Gucci and Balenciaga) have taken the track pant to a new level. Again, worn with slides, with high tops, with boots, it seems that this is a great option to pump up the style.

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athletic but
fitted track

extra-long industrial canvas belt

I think this one goes to Off White alone (I see you Virgil!), because who would have thought an extra long, super industrial belt with writing all over it would become such a high fashion item? Kudos to trailblazers like Vetements (and I guess Balenciaga with that Ikea bag debacle) for making un-fashion the new fashion. Anyway, Soy styles this juuuuust right, completely unexpected as a waist cinch on top of a blazer (and with track pants!), but still understated.

The resurgence of 70s wear (aviator shades, captain hats, fringe) means its psychedelic patterns and obsession with animal prints has also returned. Antonia here is doing the most (as he would say) and pairing lots of overlapping ones together, but I have seen tons of subtle pattern mixing that takes your style a long way.

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The dopest thing about today, about the internet, about Instagram, is that there are literally no rules. Socks and sandals, blazers and track pants, barely there sunglasses and women's Chanel pearls - this is everything that is poppin' on the gram' and on the streets. So the best thing you can do as you scroll away is to be inspired! Find what you're into and experiment. Try it out and you decide what your top trends of 2017 are.