Nothing In Common!

Full outfit on!

I had a thought today: I am many things (as most people are). I identify and label myself with almost a hundred things: a yogi, a blogger, a student, a professional, a city-dweller, an urbanite, a photographer, a son, a write, a stylist, a younger brother, a foodie, an instragammer, a traveller, an event planner, a good friend, an older brother, a thinker, an academic, a book worm, a web designer/developer, a listener, a hip hop head, a clubber, an intern, an assistant, a CEO, an entrepreneur, a boyfriend, an acquaintance, a pop culture maniac, a netflix-er, etc. But why does it feel like I have nothing in common with anyone these days? Or is it that others have nothing in common with me? Even more strange, why am I content with that feeling?