One Time in Pisa, Italy

Pisa, Italy | Menswear | Endoxist |

Pisa, Italy | Menswear | Endoxist |

You know those awesome moments that you don’t have a hand in planning, but get to experience, and will end up cherishing forever. This could include thoroughly enjoying yourself at a party you were invited to, accidentally getting lost in an awesome new city, or in my case, just going along with whatever your wife has planned. I know that I’m probably the luckiest guy around because I love adventuring and exploring, and my wife loves researching and planning.

We were so excited to visit Florence for Pitti Uomo this year, and being in Berlin meant that there was a ton of options for how we could arrive into Italy. One of those ways was to fly direct from Berlin into Piza, Italy and then take a 45-minute train from Piza into Florence.

A direct bus takes you from the quaint Piza airport into the city center, where the world-famous Leaning Tour of Piza is situated, and much to my surprise, a whole compound of beautiful Italian architecture surrounded this marvel of architecture and gravity.

My travel tip when travelling through Italy in the summer? Wear layers, and expect to sweat! It was humid but also in the trains and terminals, it is chillier due to the air conditioning, so I personally would not advise you to leave it to shorts and a tank top. Most importantly, bring a fully charged phone and camera – there is lots of beauty around to capture!

Pisa, Italy | Menswear | Endoxist |

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