Re-Living Our FairyTale: One Year Wedding Anniversary In Prague

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How absolutely lucky we were to have proclaimed our love for each other in such a beautiful city. And even luckier that a year later, to celebrate our one year anniversary, we got to return to Prague and re-live the entire day, event by event, location by location, and soak it all in all over again.

We walked to the dock where we surprised our guests with a river cruise for our floating Mehindi / Polterabend, we stepped into Cartier to get our rings shined, we walked down the aisle at St. Nicholas church, where we exchanged our newly shined rings, we walked down to Zofin Island, frolicked in the gardens where we hosed our Tea Party, ventured into the ballroom where we hosted our Feast & Ball, and even managed to have brunch at cafe-cafe where we dined immediately after getting off the horse carriage.

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I don't have a reason to cry, and I have every reason to smile.

And I don't have a reason to be, if I can't be with you.

ENDOXIST - Menswear Blogger - One Year Wedding Anniversary Prague


Words to the wise: never underestimate the power of space for your memories. Always make the effort and time to go and re-live important moments if you. You really never know if you will ever have the same opportunity to do so. I am so glad we left Paris Fashion Week early to ensure we were in Prague for our very important anniversary.

ENDOXIST - Menswear Blogger - One Year Wedding Anniversary Prague
ENDOXIST - Menswear Blogger - One Year Wedding Anniversary Prague

These are just some of my favourite photos from those glorious days, a year ago, when we got married. Being back in Prague and looking at these brings me back all the feels, and all the emotions! Which one is your favourite?