Fresh From Fashion Week: Men’s Spring/Summer 2017 Trends

As we all know – clothing is one thing, but the styling is equally or even more important. A sweater, a shirt and pants can be worn in so many different ways. During Milan Fashion Week we truly got inspired by some old and new trends and how amazingly put together the models walked down the runway and with how much creativity the styling was done. For us true trending styling selections are:

ONE: Black and white – this combination of bold colors has been a huge trend over the past few seasons and based on Milano Moda Uomo and London Collections Men this will continue. The bold statement of wearing only a combination of black and white from head to toe has been seen across the board. Many designers are picking up on the trend and so are we. Either all black or all white, or a mix of both – its always clean, always classic and always fashionable.


Plastic: Whether it is raincoat material used for shorts and shirts or a pvc/cotton blend used for blouses or even a shiny plastic material used for vests with amazing high collars – the use of plastic and plastic blended materials is all the rage! Just like using neoprene in previous seasons (which we actually did not see at all this season!), it is a statement making material. It is futuristic, funky and trendy. We saw the use of this plastic in both mens and womenswear. I have always been a fan of mixed material use in clothing and almost making the pieces of clothing a work of art.


Oversized: The “too big look” is ON!! Many designers showcased oversized pieces in both mens and womenswear. Blouses, Jackets and even pants – each appearing a few sizes too big for the models but creating a chic and effortless look. I am in love with the trend anyway. Pants are too big and slightly too long, tops are down to the knees and the sleeves are hanging over the hand, jackets just drapes because there is no way you would be able to see the hands without having to fold the sleeve a couple of times (which is also a huge styling tool for oversized pieces!) – LOVE LOVE LOVE