The City That Never Sleeps

I’m going to do a bit of a throwback, and “caption” my favourite moments from New York earlier this month. What a whirlwind trip, jammed with so many dope moments and memories:

taking the subway from Queens into Manhattan / walking to Times Square / shopping on Fifth Avenue / eating American style BBQ for lunch / take a nap in the middle of the day overlooking Manhattan / buying and eating bagels from a street cart / walking to Rockefeller Centre / pretending to be Dan Humphrey in the courtyard at The Palace / looking for Serena Van Der Woodsen at Grand Central Station / eating cupcakes in Soho / perusing the Alexander Wang boutique / finding a vintage shop with literally thirty-five Birkin Bags on display / trying on shoes at Neiman Marcus / eating “Halal Boys” chicken with rice / taking the subway to Brooklyn / dreaming about living at the penthouses at Park Avenue / eating pizza from a hole-in-the-wall / find allergy medication at Rite Aid / eating Dunkin’ Donuts / having dinner at the Top of the Standard / clubbing at La Bain / trying on sunglasses at Macy’s / exploring the 7th floor of Bergdofs / literally getting lost in Central Park / buying souvenirs at the MoMA gift shop / being offered fake Rolex, Tiffany and Chanel down Canal street / escalade car service to LaGuardia