That Splendid Morning


I took this photo from my suite which overlooked Old Town Square, right before the sun came up on October 5, 2015, the day that I vowed eternal love, unstoppable encouragement and constant laughs to the most beautiful soul in the world. I remember being awake before my alarm clock went off, and laying in this huge king sized bed in the dark, trying to pinch myself out of the dream that was no dream, but my reality. I must have literally jumped out of bed, put on my music (cue the Miguel) and turned on all the lights in the suite. The boys were due for breakfast at 8:00 am sharp, because the barbershop was expecting us at 9:00 am, because the photographer would be waiting in our suite at 10:00 am, because at 11:00 am…

Everyone arrived on time. The room service came promptly. The groomsmen and I lounged around, ate our breakfast, popped a bottle of champagne, they received their wedding thank you gifts, all the while I wore the dope “GROOM” t-shirt that my lovely fiancée had left in my suite the night before. We left the hotel right on time and made our way through the streets of Prague to find the barbershop where hot shaves and fresh cuts awaited us. The boys had already mapped it out on their phones, and so we found the shop with no trouble. The barbers spoke very little English, but they were cool young hipster dudes, and I just showed the guy a picture of the hair I wanted, and that was it, he was off. Hands down, I have never had a haircut or a shave that good. Shoutout to Thomas Barbershop for making us so fresh! I didn’t even bring cash to pay the dudes, but that’s what groomsmen are for, right?


Back to our hotel looking fresh to death, and everyone threw on their tuxedos. I, of course, assisted every one of them with their bow ties until finally tying my own. And speaking of, Lanvin makes a mean bowtie! Seriously, in one quick swoosh, it tied and sat perfectly, and I didn’t touch it one more time all day. Props to Paris. Props to my groomsmen for being chilled out but also readily available for everything random that needed to get done that morning and throughout the day. Cliche or not, that was probably my favourite morning; to spend time with those important dudes but also get ready (with my best clothes, the best haircut, champagne, room service, new everything) to marry my princess. And weirdly, I don’t wish all moments were like this, because then that specific moment wouldn’t be as amazing. Right?

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