Weekly Edit #2: Think (Millennial) Pink & Ocean Waves

So much buzz around a colour to define our entire generation, but I have to say, it certainly does give me all the feels. It seems perfect for this summer in Toronto too - it goes so well with the beach waves + tropical leafy greens, and in my case, I think, it goes so well with my caramel complexion.

For so many years, I used to haaaaate my skin colour. And its taken a lot of consideration to not only "come to terms" with it, but to absolutely love it - a whole separate post coming on that soon. But, on that note, this baby pink colour of the moments is so perfect with my chocolate skin tone, so I'm sure you won't be surprised that I have been loving wearing this colour this summer in Toronto.

Also, feeling super grateful for the opportunities that we find ourselves presented with - getting to meet the people and be in the spaces that we only ever dreamed of. So this week's reflection is on summer vibes, our favourite pink, and being grateful for a summer well lived.