Weekly Edit #3 – Its Not Such A Black & White World

The conversation around race, colour, origin, nationality and place of birth has been sparking a lot of media attention lately, but - and this is probably connected - the recent chatter to and about me has also increased. Where am I from, what language do I speak, if I use skin whitening treatments, where home is, etc. And while I definitely (personally) see no objection in answering these questions, it has been a constant reminder lately that as much as I belong to the beautiful mosaic that is Canadian society, the reason its a mosaic in the first place is because everyone is different.

And further to my recent post on the definition of luxury, the biggest comfort comes from belonging to someone or to a group of people, and once the differences in you and them start being pointed out, that feeling of belonging starts to also be questioned.

Anyway, the space for race conversations should be dedicated to an entirely separate post, but this is one of the things floating around my mind lately. And in a related but completely random way, my Instagram theme has also been floating around in my head. A completely clean and monochrome feed was the goal and this has now morphed to a dark and moody (I hope!) aesthetic. But obviously, the world, and life, isn't in black and white, so I am coming into this challenge sometimes of trying to showcase the reality + truth of life and moments captured but still remaining true to my brand and my theme on Instagram.

And that's the whole point, right? Everything should not be too staged or contrived, it should be a natural and organic extension of your life, your feed. And while most of my clothes + surroundings are monochrome, obviously everything is not. And this comes back to my original point, the entire world is not black and white. And this is clearly okay.