Weekly Edit #4 – There Is No Love Like Sibling Love

The past week has been full of food, drinks, and lots of warm memories. We had the amazing privilege to host first my little sister-in-law from British Columbia, and then my own little sister from Alberta, in our Toronto home. As we are still new residents in the city, it is even fun for us to "play tourist". We had a chance to bring along our siblings to our new favourite haunts, to our new brunch spots, to indulgent ice creams, etc. The last week of August typically also sets the mood for the end of summer, and for us, having some family around at the end of our first season in Toronto felt therapeutic.

It was awesome to talk frankly about our goals, our ideas, and where we saw our lives, and our own families. The past year in Berlin we didn't get to welcome any of our family into our home, so it was such a good reminder for me how much I appreciate and long for those siblings times.

Times to chill out, laugh about old times both good and bad, over-eat (and over-drink), and realize how precious life is, and how quickly it can go on by.